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​Wearables like FitBit and the Jawbone UP have encouraged our love of personal statistics, but they're currently limited to steps taken, distance walked and a handful of other relatively simple metrics. And while some gadgets can monitor your heart rate, what about things like inflammation and vit...

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May 13, 2014 at 8:00AM
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Honestly, while Apple's Magic Mouse is a bit of a pioneer in its application of a multitouch surface on a "regular" tracking mouse, it's not exactly easy or comfortable to perform multitouch gestures with it. Plus there's the little problem of no official driver for Windows. Speedlink's Cue mouse l...

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Two things: first off, craptastic pool cue Wiimote accessories are already widely available, and secondly, couldn't you just duct tape a controller to your favorite real cue and achieve almost the same thing? Terrible ideas aside, RealMotion has just revealed that it will be shipping a RealMotion ...

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