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Oh, brother. As we all know so well, the office can be a draining place. But devices such as these could make even the most burnt-out middle manager excited to clock in. The USB PC Prankster looks like a stock flash drive, but as you can clearly see above, a few toggle switches enable it to become ...

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October 18, 2009 at 3:33PM
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Rather than blatantly demoting it, Apple has apparently chosen to snub the Caps Lock key on its newest metallic keyboards ever so quietly. Judging by a video taken by Jonathan Rentzsch, the wired version of the new 'board seems to have a built-in resistance to activating the Caps Lock key. To demo...

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We've seen our fair share of battles in the consumer electronics industry, but this war is distinctly different than those waged in courtrooms or even conference centers, as the focal point here isn't a person, company, or even an entity. Pieter Hintjens is rounding up his troops in order to bring ...

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