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One of the things we failed to tell you about Guild Wars 2's character creator is just how flexible it can be in allowing players to fine-tune their avatar's face. For one particular beta tester, the tools provided seemed like the perfect opportunity to see if famous celebrities could be recreate...

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April 4, 2012 at 3:30PM
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Now it's widely known that MMORPG players are a cheerful, optimistic bunch [citation needed]. It also goes without saying that no Massively reader would ever be caught wishing the downfall of a particular MMO or company [citation needed]. After all, the more titles that survive and thrive, the more...

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After this post, I had it in mind to think through why I prefer to solo, and whether the reasons why are valid ones, given that I'm playing in a genre meant to provide a social experience. I'm going to try to list as many reasons as I can think of in favor of grouping and playing with buddies, and ...

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