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Google has been forging patent deals left and right with smartphone manufacturers to both get technology and fend off lawsuits, and now it's taking a similar approach with American carriers. The search firm has reached a deal with Verizon that gives both sides access to patents covering a "broad r...

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December 16, 2014 at 5:48PM
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Philips made more than a few gamers nervous when it sued Nintendo over motion control patents back in the spring, but all that's water under the bridge as of today. The two companies have reached a truce that has Philips dropping its lawsuits in return for a patent cross-licensing deal. Neither fi...

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No shortage of lawsuits going around in the industry as we come up on the holidays -- you know, peace, happiness, the season of giving and all that -- but one place where you won't find much public animosity (for the moment, anyway) is between Schaumburg and Espoo. That's right: Motorola and Nokia h...

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