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We're feeling for you Iowa -- it has been far, far too long since Mediacom gifted you folks with any new high-def content. Thankfully, something finally snapped into place, and now customers in the region have access to SciHD (839), A&E HD (847) and History HD (848). Our gracious tipster also n

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December 10, 2008 at 2:33PM
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Just a few short days after DISH Network transitioned 11 of its East Coast markets to MPEG-4, in comes word that it has added 21 more (all classified as \"East Coast\") to bump the grand total to 52 regions. In somewhat related news, we've also learned that six more DMAs can look forward to HD locals

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While stealing gaming consoles from cancer patients is just wrong, you can't blame someone for holding stuff ransom when owed a bunch of cash. Des Moines, Iowa resident James Kloppenburg awoke Monday morning to find a glass panel removed from the front storm door, and more disturbingly, his PS2 now

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