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Welcome to Time Machines, where we offer up a selection of mechanical oddities, milestone gadgets and unique inventions to test out your tech-history skills. If you've ever played the arcade version of Missile Command or used a mechanical mouse, then you've sampled technology that originated in a...

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November 3, 2013 at 11:00AM
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In December 1968, Douglas C. Engelbart introduced the world to two brand-new computer peripherals of his own invention.The first was his invention, the computer mouse -- which, as you're well aware, revolutionized user input two decades later. The second, the chorded keyboard, still has yet to take...

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Look, we're not going to go and get all sappy about Logitech shipping it's billionth mouse. After all, we still prefer our fingers for pointing and keyboards for quick navigation around the ol' computer. Still, a claim of one billion served is always notable, be it computer peripherals or hamburge...

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