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After a considerable delay from its slated late 2012 release date, the 6K Red Dragon sensor is finally ready -- and it seems to have been worth the wait. The first test footage (after the break) has come from cinematographer and Red booster Mark Toia, who stress-tested it in difficult conditions l...

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August 4, 2013 at 8:37AM
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With M. Night Shyamalan already shooting his next movie -- After Earth -- on the F65 4K camera, Sony's PR machine is going all out to assuage remaining doubters in the film industry. One of the more curious aspects of the awareness campaign is that it doesn't focus solely on the exorbitant resolut...

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Much like SED, OLED and Laser TV technologies, high dynamic range has been lingering in the background for what seems like ages, but a new writeup over at Sound & Vision is bringing it back (at least partially) into the spotlight. Reportedly, Dolby -- which purchased BrightSide Technologies ea...

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