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Looks like Mr. Eddie Fier, the man we hope is CEO of Edifier, is planning to wade into the Jambox-wars with this Bluetooth speaker-cum-speakerphone. The iF335 Bric Connect bonds with your devices over Bluetooth and auxiliary inputs, pumping out 12 watts of RMS power over a pair of 70mm drivers. It...

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March 12, 2013 at 7:01AM
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Computer speaker design rarely sits in the middle: it tends to be dry on creativity or go over the top. Edifier is sometimes known for testing the limits itself, but its new e10 Exclaim speakers might strike just the right balance in taste. The 2.0-channel system trades on its exclamation point im...

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We're not exactly sure what to make of the new Edifier M0 iPod alarm clock speaker. All we know via AVING and a Google-translated PCHome article is that this iPod alarm clock apparently has a nine minute snooze button. (Don't you just hate those? Why not 10?) Further, while we're not entirely sure ...

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