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When discussing drones, we usually think of the Af-Pak theater (or perhaps joy ridin' UK teens), so it was with some amusement that we heard about a little border excursion that a Mexican UAV made into American airspace a few days ago. According to reports, the device -- believed to be an Israeli-m

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December 21, 2010 at 5:44PM
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Ruh roh, Time Warner Cable -- AT&T has just encroached on yet another one of your main markets, as U-verse TV will soon be coming to El Paso, Texas. As of now, TWC is the only major pay-TV carrier in the region, so if you're not kosher with a dish, it's currently the one and only option. Of cou

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It sure took forever to hit the century mark, but it seems as if 200 is growing closer every single day. Up next on the list of news stations who've decided to turn in their SD card for a much clearer HD variant is El Paso's own KTSM-TV. The NBC affiliate is the first in the region to offer up 1080i

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