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If you've been mulling over getting screened by 23andMe for genetic risks like cancer, we're afraid you'll have to look elsewhere. The company has just announced that it's suspending sales of its health-related personalized DNA kits its health-related genetic tests to comply with the FDA's order, ...

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December 6, 2013 at 7:07AM
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An "ingestible sensor" doesn't sound like the tastiest of snacks, but soon it might be just what the doctor ordered. A tiny microchip which activates upon contact with stomach acid has recently been given the green light by the US FDA. When the sensor is swallowed, an external patch picks up its s...

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We love eye implants, and we've seen our share of them, and this one is pretty sweet (although it isn't the creepiest by a long shot -- that prize would go to the one that uses a human tooth to hold its lens). In the works for well over a year, and approved by the FDA a couple days ago, VisionCare ...

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