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China and the US may be at each other's throats over a lot of tech-related issues, but that hasn't stopped them from finding some common ground. The two nations have reached a tentative deal that expands the range of devices covered under the free trade-oriented Information Technology Agreement. T

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November 11, 2014 at 10:29PM
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China suffered another setback at the WTO yesterday, thanks to a ruling that could spell trouble for its controversial rare earths industry. In a decision issued Monday, a WTO panel determined that the Chinese government has been acting in violation of international trade rules, due to export rest

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Primer: The EU is many nations with a single market, if wine is cheaper in France, a German can simply purchase it there. It's why Apple was censured back in 2007 for territorial iTunes stores that stopped people from shopping around. Anything sold in Europe on a per-country basis hangs within

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