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Joining the nearly endless amount of Nintendo DS hacks already in the wild is TobW's DS Sampling Keyboard, which "uses the DS's microphone and touchscreen" to interface with a software-based sampling keyboard. A close contender to join our Music Thing series, this wonderous hack takes advantage of...

November 27th 2006 at 3:35am
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We'll forever be in awe of people like Alexei Karpenko, a modder who one day "decided to do a quick IDE to GBAMP hack". That's right -- as a casual aside, Alexei hooked up a hard drive to his Nintendo DS via a GameBoy cartridge originally designed to play short movies from a CompactFlash card. The h...

September 10th 2006 at 5:15pm

Check out this nicely edited video featuring Commodore 64 emulation on the DS. Using the stylus and the on-screen keyboard makes this look so easy -- much easier, in fact, than winning those old school games![Thanks, James!]

August 17th 2006 at 4:34pm