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It's not the first time that a Kinect hack has incorporated a Wiimote, but this demonstration from YouTube user Kick755 is certainly one of the more impressive examples to date -- even if it's still not quite ready to fully replace a controller. As with similar hacks, this one relies on the FAAST e

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February 11, 2011 at 10:41AM
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What's a Wii fanboy to do without a Wii to call his own? Hack one up himself, of course. Bigjohn8411 found himself in just such a predicament, so he scraped together a \"Wii OS\" launcher program for his PC just to feel like one of the cool kids. Other than accepting Wiimote input over Bluetooth via

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If air drumming or imaginary light sabers aren't your thing, then perhaps the familiar territory of Google Earth will be enough to get you to pull your Wiimote away from Zelda long enough to run a few scripts on your PC. There's nothing too complicated going on here, with just the requisite GlovePI

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