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We heard back in March that Grace Digital's FireDock for the Kindle Fire would be available in July, and it turns out that was at least partly true. The device is now shipping from Amazon (at a $30 discount of its $130 list price), but it's been rebranded with the even more Kindle-esque name of Ma...

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July 17, 2012 at 11:58PM
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Own a Kindle Fire? Can't find an audio dock made specifically for your gizmo, and not an iThing or Android device? Say hello to Grace Digital's FireDock, the $130 solution to your quandary. While we've seen Kindle-compatible docks before, this stereo system is actually made to seamlessly connect wi...

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Dedicated internet radios have always been niche products; when you can get all the same content on your desktop, laptop or even smartphone, it's hard to see the point of relying on WiFi. Without a traditional FM antenna, they're many are chained to your network -- if not your wall -- and the lack ...

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