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Sintering is a common process for creating copper heat sinks that involves packing powdered metals into a particular shape and baking it in a vacuum. A funny thing happens though, if you leave out the vacuum part of the equation: you don't get a solid shape, but a porous pile of particles with ho...

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October 17, 2011 at 9:08PM
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Corsair's Dominator memory can apparently get quite hot, particularly if the overclocking bug catches you right. If a product shown off at CES hits the commercial market, however, everything is sure to stay cool. The Peltier cooling device is expected to play nice with second-gen Dominator modules...

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Champs don't stay that way long in the computer hardware biz, but one way to ensure that the crown stays in the same camp is to one-up yourself before another firm can beat you to the punch. OCZ seems to be feelin' said mantra, as the company's latest Flex XLC RAM overtakes the previous rendition ...

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