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Now that Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo have all showed their hands, is the Tales series, which has seen several entries across this generation, making the next-gen jump anytime soon? Not according to Tales producer Hideo Baba, who told Joystiq that he doesn't have any current plans for the JRPG ser...

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June 4, 2013 at 1:30PM
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It was around fifteen years ago now that a good friend of mine urged me to try out Tales of Destiny, which had recently come out on the PlayStation. "I really like the characters, and it's funny," he told me. Pretty soon, he was finding ways to incorporate the characters in his fan-fiction, his fav...

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Namco Bandai has officially acknowledged the existence of a leaked Tales of title. Andriasang reports series producer Hideo Baba confirmed at a press conference that there is a new entry coming to PS3, but that it's currently nameless -- shooting down rumor that it'll be called "Tales of Unitia." T...

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