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You can pack all the gyroscopes, accelerometers and other motion-detecting sensors you want in your desktop -- it's still not going to be any good at playing Eliminate: Gun Range. That's the motivation behind developer Arik Poznanski's latest release. He has created a driver enabling his Window

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August 15, 2011 at 9:36AM
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The intersection of the classical instrument known as a guitar and the modernist urge to modify everything has resulted in plenty of nutty, zany, and just plain questionable products in its time. It's quite a pleasure, therefore, to point you in the direction of a so-called Digital Guitar that keep

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It may look like just a bit of corkwood taped to the front of a pretty expensive shooter, but that's only because it is. If you're already willing to withstand gadget muggles sniggering at your mighty DSLR and its six inch frontal protrusion, surely adding this sort of a ghetto mod isn't going to d

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