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On the list of dangerous humanoid bots DARwIn is easily topped by the bow-happy iCub. Still -- we don't trust this thing one iota. While we haven't seen it pick up any weaponry just yet, our friends to the north are teaching it one of man's most notoriously violent sports: hockey. Researchers at th...

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February 14, 2012 at 2:22AM
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We went through several stages with today's video picks. First, we thought, "Spinning Princess? An ice skating game for DS? That's going to suck." The next stage, after starting the video, left us saying, "This isn't so bad." Later in the video, we were closer to our original opinion but glad to h...

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Yep, this one's probably not for us, but it's so cute that we couldn't resist. If a DS skating game did see an English language release, it's the sort of thing we might play in the closet, so that no one knows our secret dark obsession with landing that perfect double axel. Also, if it wasn't quite...

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