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Whether you like your surround speakers in monopolar, bipolar, or dipolar flavor, there's no disputing the fact that you need real surround channels to get the full theater effect. The problem is that they need space in your room, and if you opt for something other than a monopole, they tend to get...

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August 25, 2009 at 10:28PM
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Digging those Intimus loudspeakers, are you? Welcome yet another member to the family: the 4T floorstander. This tower packs dual 4-inch woven-fiberglass mid-woofers, a 1-inch silk-dome tweeter, an anti-resonant cabinet and a sexy coat of either gloss black or cherry. As you could likely piece tog...

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Aperion Audio may not be a household name in, well, audio, but it's newest offerings sure warrant a look from anyone mildly serious about sound. For starters, the outfit has completely revamped its Intimus loudspeaker line, now offering up nine models across three speaker series. As expected, the ...

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