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Want to see an industry triple its sales in just five years? Keep an eye on tablet gaming, because that's what Juniper Research is predicting will happen by 2019. The typically well-regarded research firm claims that this year's revenue figure for tablet gaming -- a healthy $3.6 billion -- will hi...

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August 27, 2014 at 12:00PM
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Normally, I prefer to PvP in Fallen Earth. It gives me the biggest sense of accomplishment and it's a handy way to gain tons of faction rep. But, while I'm leveling up my PvP clones and getting used to the new combat system, I've been doing mostly PvE. I went to Alpha County and ran some missions...

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OnLive's MicroConsole may not have exactly taken the video game market by storm just yet, but it looks like the company isn't about to wait any longer to expand its cloud-based empire. Today it announced that it's partnering with Juniper Networks on what it's describing as a "no-compromise, media-ri...

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