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Comfile Technology's CUPC-P80 isn't quite a full-fledged UMPC, though it could definitely get away with posing as one. Realistically though, we suspect this one was engineered to control media and such within your vehicle. The 12v power system and the 10.2-inch display sure make it an ideal candid...

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March 29, 2009 at 10:59PM
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You know that low-power Geode processor that powered a-many of OLPC XOs? Better stock up now, 'cause AMD isn't planning a proper successor. In the words of spokesman Phil Hughes: "There are no plans for a follow-on product to today's available AMD Geode LX products, but we expect to make this very...

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UMPCs have been branching out from the original (and oft frowned upon) design for some time now, as manufacturers look for tweaks that may hook customers that were previously turned off by the idea. Data Evolution's Cathena CX managed to mix a swiveling LCD into the small frame of a UMPC, and should...

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