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While Apple and Samsung do have their differences, they unfortunately share at least one similarity: labor violation allegations. The latter now faces yet another labor-related charge, not about its Chinese factories, but one in Brazil. According to Reporter Brasil, Brazil's Ministry of Labor has ...

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August 14, 2013 at 12:09AM
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Foxconn released a statement on Tuesday confirming it violated Chinese labor laws by illegally hiring underage workers at its Yantai plant in Shandong Province. Several workers as young as 14 years old were discovered as part of an internal investigation, says a CNET report. Foxconn's stateme...

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If you've got an early Apple iPad, chances are its screen was cleaned with a banned substance called n-hexane, which releases a toxic nerve gas upon use. 2,000 workers at Wintek's East China LCD plant went on strike in January, claiming the substance was poisoning them, and now 44 of those reported...

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