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Eager for a bit more Project Natal news now that Jonathan Ross let slip what may or may not be a launch date? Then you're in luck, as MTV's Multiplayer blog has taken advantage of a recent Natal demo session to peg down exactly how much lag we can expect from the motion-sensing system (assuming it'...

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February 23, 2010 at 3:09PM
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As a follow-up to our speculative post regarding the future of Guitar Hero development, Harmonix has cleared up the whole mess in an interview with Gamasutra. We'll hit you with the good news first: Harmonix is in fact working on a brand-new music title. The (possibly) bad news being that they will ...

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Season One of MTV's Laguna Beach reality show has been added to the iTMS. This apparently is the first MTV show to appear on the iTunes Music Store, and perhaps hints at a larger partnership between Apple and MTV. You can find the show by doing a search in the TV category in the iTMS. There has been...

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