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In case you ever felt proud about the paint job you gave your controllers or something, Swedish craftsman Love Hulten has created the R-Kaid-R, a portable homage to arcades that manages to look sleek and old fashioned at the same time. The R-Kaid-R's wooden clamshell design hosts an 8" LCD sc...

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July 6, 2014 at 6:30PM
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We fell for Love Hulten's R-KAID-6 device, a custom-designed MAME machine made of interlocking handcrafted wooden pieces, back in 2011. Hulten has evolved the concept to add wireless controllers, a trackball accessory, and a built-in projector – all still encased in a custom, decorated wooden...

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Finally, a console you wouldn't want to hide inside a cabinet under your TV. Love Hulten's R-Kaid-6 is a beautiful custom-made wooden console that sort of resembles an Octorok. Unlike those weak Zelda enemies (as far as we know!) the R-Kaid-6 is built for MAME, with the Maximus Arcade interfac...

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