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The August delivery of PlayStation Plus games in Europe is almost here, designed to further entice the continent to stay in front of its PS3s and Vitas and away from the ever-relentless sun. July 31 sees three more PS3 games join the Instant Game Collection, with a tough choice for headliner betwee...

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July 17, 2013 at 2:30PM
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There's a bit early on in Mafia 2 where war veteran and budding crook Vito Scaletta tries to go straight. He takes some grunt work at the docks, just like his late old man, loading hefty wooden crates onto a truck bed. After a few minutes of player-controlled hauling, he abandons his short-lived fo...

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In more ways than one, being the "new guy" in your local mafia chapter is similar to your first day at high school. Check out the following trailer for Mafia 2, and witness the plight of Vito Scaletta, relative newcomer to the Empire Bay crime syndicate. Watch the bizarre hazing rituals his new ...

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