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You can find absolutely anything on the internet, and services that send poop on your behalf to people who've incurred your hatred are old news. This new startup called ShitExpress, however, offers something its older rivals can't: the ability to accept Bitcoins for total anonymity. No credit card...

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November 4, 2014 at 2:03AM
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The planet's 1.5 billion cows are (innocently) an environmental scourge thanks to the copious amounts of horrible greenhouse gases they disgorge. Scientists from Michigan State U have flopped that around, however, and figured out how to turn the resulting manure into something good for the planet:...

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We've seen data centers use excess heat for greener purposes, but how's about injecting a little green into the other side of that equation? HP Labs is on that very wavelength, going so far as to publish details on how these centers could be partially powered by none other than cow manure. Yeah, cow...

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