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HTML5 holds great potential for creating interactive in-browser experiences, but wielding its power typically requires assorted web design skills and a good handle on JavaScript. However, Jake Lodwick -- who had a hand in creating Vimeo and College Humor -- is making an effort to lower the barrier...

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December 20, 2012 at 1:45AM
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Not content with the sheer badassery of sending a humanoid robot to the moon in 2015, Japan has just unveiled a mission for 2020 that will involve setting up a whole robotic moon base. It will be unmanned in the flesh-and-blood sense, but will be populated with a 660 pound rolling bot. The station ...

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President Bush's plans for a return to the moon in 2020, with a trip to Mars to follow, were all well and good, but now NASA has finally fleshed out the details of the moon visits, and it seems a permanent international moon base is in the cards. NASA hopes to return to the moon starting in 2020 ...

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