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Kaleidescape's Cinema One player has been many things to movie buffs, but \"accessible\" isn't one of them -- limited distribution and an emphasis on custom installs has kept it out of reach. The company is widening that scope with a redesigned Cinema One that's almost as easy to install as an off-t

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July 24, 2013 at 9:42PM
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We know, we're slightly bummed too that yesterday's brief \"iPod\" announcement wound up not being a beautiful hard drive-based widescreen video iPod, but nevertheless, a prototype shown at CES gives iPod video owners a glimpse at what big screen playback would actually look like. This Belkin creation

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We're not quite sure what is so HD about 480p upconverted DVDs, but Xploder has followed up its HDTV Game Player for PS2 announcement with the the HDTV Movie Player for PS2. While we took the news that a set of component cables and a memory card setting could suddenly improve the resolution of your

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