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If you've ever been stymied by your Android keyboard's limited grasp on the latest slanguage, don't quail: Swype's latest beta offering for smartphones or tablets may be your saviour. The latest version of the finger-sliding app will feature "hotwords," that keep up with language trends so that if...

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October 18, 2012 at 5:35AM
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Ready to use your voice for something other than barking raid orders or bantering pop culture references over your guild's Vent server? Nuance Communications has announced what it hopes is the next wave in PC gaming: voice command sets. The new Dragon Gaming Speech Pack enables gamers to bypass com...

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BMWs aren't exactly lacking for technology these days, but it looks like the new 2010 models come packing a little something extra to make your life even easier. As Nuance Communications is all too happy to announce itself, the new vehicles boast an improved voice control system from the com...

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