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Hey, Nissan: you won't be the only big automaker with a camera-equipped rearview mirror next year. Cadillac has revealed that its future cars are getting a smart mirror that shows a 1,280 x 240 view of what's behind you without passengers or roof pillars getting in the way. You can flip between th...

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December 18, 2014 at 3:00PM
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Despite all the changes going on in automobiles lately, one thing that's remained pretty consistent in every car I've driven has been the rearview mirror. We can check that one off now though, now that I've taken a test drive in a Nissan Rogue equipped with the new Smart rearview mirror. Due to ro...

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Although we've been hearing about transparent OLEDs for years now, mum's been the word on an actual product. So far the focus has been on Germany, but it looks like some interesting things have been going down in Korea as well. Researchers at ETRI (the flexible OLED folks) have apparently applied ...

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