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Once upon a time, a smattering of new HD channels in one major metropolitan area was a huge deal. Nowadays, it's almost expected that one area or another will experience some HD expansion each week. In order to keep things nice and tidy around here, we deliver high-def expansions, market expansion...

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April 26, 2009 at 2:22AM
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Nearly five months after The Smithsonian Channel HD landed on DirecTV, the channel is now well on its way to Charter and FiOS TV systems. Sure enough, Smithsonian Channel has "reached affiliate agreements" with both Charter Communications and Verizon, and yes, the deals do include the SD and HD ve...

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The phrase patience is a virtue is what people waiting around tell each other to make themselves feel better. Well the DirecTV fans are no doubt saying this, and while no one seems to know exactly when DirecTV will turn on all the HD channels, we appear to have another slip. According to an article ...

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