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We've been impatiently awaiting the red carpet arrival of Freestyle Audio's Soundwave for a few seasons now, and at long last, it appears the units are shipping out -- or, at least one made its way over to cousin site Gadling for a review. The Soundwave is pretty much exactly what you'd expect: a ...

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November 9, 2008 at 12:14AM
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As some sort of sick consolation prize for not getting to appear in the new Transformers movie, Soundwave has had his cassette tape guts ripped out and replaced with a cold, MP3 playing heart. For around $100 depending on the edition and shipping, you can purchase Takara/Tomy's Soundwave MP3 playe...

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There's tons of MP3 players out on the market these days ranging from the DIY variety to those polished and stylish players. However, how many DAPs these days bring the geometric style, (besides the Mobiblu Cube, of course)? Well, Soundwave's gone spherical on us with its Pink MP3 Ball that comes wi...

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