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Way back when, when Daevas first started flapping their wings around Balaurea, I broached the subject of the new easy button installed in Aion. Trust me, I was as excited as the next Daeva about the reduction in the level grind (not all change is bad after all!), but I had my concerns as well. I ...

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August 13, 2012 at 3:00PM
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Not as heralded as its companions that came before, Aion's patch 2.6 hit North American servers this past Wednesday. But just because it wasn't cool enough for its own name (like Assault on Balaurea or even Empyrean Calling) doesn't mean it is without some goodies of its own. Granted, the patch...

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Assault on Balaurea has been a part of Aion for nearly two months now. Are you getting bored yet? If you feel like you've done all of the new content so much that it's a snooze, get ready for a new challenge. Beshmundir Temple is going into hard mode. Aion developers have been hard at work on th...

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