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There are few things more annoying than opening up your shiny new electronic toy only to find one or more misbehaving pixels. While dead or stuck pixels are less of a problem than they were a few years ago, it does still happen. Manufacturers and retailers rarely go public with what their warrant...

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November 5, 2010 at 9:00AM
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We've heard all sorts of myths when it comes to fixing a stuck pixel on an LCD, and while the following methods shouldn't be expected to bring completely dead pixels back from the grave, commenters seem to think the methods are at least somewhat successful in getting pixels out of their single-col...

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Remember when TIFF games were all the rage? They were simple games that just needed to be placed in the PSP's PHOTO folder in order to work. One of the great things about TIFF homebrew was that almost anyone could use it, without any complicated ELOADERs and what-not. Another plus? It worked on hom...

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