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One of the problems with a tech company publicly testing anything is that you can start to hope. Hope, almost inevitably, leads to despair, and from despair it's only a short hop to the dark side, or something. With that in mind, we'd suggest you try not to hope too hard when you hear that Google ...

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October 16, 2014 at 10:32AM
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My feed is currently littered with hashtags I've never seen before. Iberia (the Spanish airline) tweeted with #ttot (Travel Talk on Twitter), Al Gore used #CRinBrazil (Climate Reality in Brazil) and Verizon posted something with #MobileBKsweeps (no clue). Things can get even more confusing during ...

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An unresponsive trackpad can ruin a laptop. But how do you test for that without having access to ready-made equipment? If you're Google, you build your own machine. The company's Chrome OS team has created the Quickstep, a USB add-on that uses a laser to gauge trackpad latency on Chromebooks. Whe...

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