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Want to know why many people don't like it when governments call for an end to encrypted communication? Here's why. A new round of Edward Snowden leaks at The Guardian has revealed that the intelligence agents at Britain's GCHQ collected email from major news outlets (including the BBC, Le Monde, ...

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January 20, 2015 at 2:09AM
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Both The Guardian and The Washington Post were announced as Pulitzer Prize winners today in the public service category. The prizes were awarded for The Guardian's Edward Snowden work, which revealed dozens of details about the United States government spying on citizens the world over, and for Wa...

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It's becoming a habit of Amazon's to report on the rise of the e-book at the expense of physical texts, and their latest announcement is no different. Sales figures show that in the UK, 114 Kindle purchases have been made for every 100 printed copies so far in 2012. A similar statistic was achieve...

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