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The new year isn't one of the major holidays celebrated by MMOs -- the favorites are the recent winter holiday season and Halloween events, with the possible Valentine's Day or middle-of-summer event. But there's still a time and place for ringing in the new year, and if there's one thing that Fina...

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January 2, 2010 at 3:00PM
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If you checked out the unofficial changes in patch 2.4, you'll have noticed (or just heard on the realms) that quite a few sounds got changed. Some are louder (as in that annoying PW: Shield sound), some are quieter, and some are just plain missing (it's a known bug that Tigers and Sabers don't roar...

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Always provocative, sometimes right, often wrong, Think Secret was our scandalous favorite rumors site and now it is gone. According to the Settlement page listed at their site, Apple and Think Secret have ended their lawsuit and Nick Ciarelli has shut down the site.Goodbye Think Secret, we'll miss ...

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