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Here's a likely candidate for most unnecessary, albeit entirely geeky device of the day. TimeTools' T1000 Precision Time Server links up to your Windows, Linux, or Unix workstation in order to obtain "highly accurate time" from GPS satellites. Interfacing via a RS-232 serial port or USB (depending o...

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June 14, 2007 at 2:22AM
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Although we never got that press release we wanted from D-Link addressing accusations that it was engaging in so-called "NTP vandalism," the company has apparently seen the error of its ways and been shamed into come to a settlement with the Danish admin whose time server its routers were programmed...

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It seems that incompetence on the part of the coders who write network hardware manufacturing giant D-Link's router firmware, and possibly even more insidious willful ignorance at higher levels of the company, may force Denmark's only networked time server to permanently shut down its vital public s...

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