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An internal innovation fund at Dell is helping create project Sputnik, an Ubuntu-based laptop aimed at developers. The hardware is Dell's XPS13 Ultrabook, and the OS is the latest version of Canonical's linux distro, Precise Pangolin 12.04 LTS. So far the image contains drivers and patches for har...

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May 8, 2012 at 5:05AM
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Well, here's a wild new spin on the Android for netbooks debate: Canonical, commercial sponsor of Ubuntu, is creating an Android execution environment that would allow Android apps to run on Ubuntu and other desktop-style Linux distros, which seems like the best of both worlds for netbooks in most...

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We won't say it got picked dead last in kickball or anything, but Sylvania's G Netbook Meso certainly isn't the class king. The ho hum netbook was recently reviewed over at Laptop Mag, and while critics did applaud the Ubuntu Netbook Remix operating system and relatively great battery life, the 512M...

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