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It's crazy to think, but October is merely days away. That also means that Breast Cancer Awareness month is just around the bend, and Sony's being ultra proactive by announcing two new pink laptop bundles to support breast cancer research. First up is the Cosmopolitan Pink VAIO CR pack, which feat...

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September 25, 2008 at 5:32PM
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No real surprises at this point, but here's skinny on Sony's "worst kept secret" Santa Rosa-based Vaio CR series of 14.1-inch laptops. Sony is going the multi-color route with these, hoping to attract the fashionistas in the room with sangria, cosmopolitan, dove, indigo and black color options. So...

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Sony never really got official with us on this Vaio CR series of laptops, that would just make things too easy, but that doesn't mean the info has to stop flowing. Notebook Italy scrounged up so more dirt on the things, and apparently these units are due to hit in the middle of June, and naturally...

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