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It may look like something that'd be at home in iTunes, but this visualizer developed by NYU student Phan V is linked to something even more unique to you than your music collection. With the aid of a mic'd up stethoscope, it's able to visualize a person's heartbeat in a manner that has quite a bi...

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May 8, 2012 at 12:03PM
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The iPad's music player hasn't changed much since its debut, and unlike its desktop counterpart, it also lacks a built-in music visualizer for your mesmerization. Luckily, for the folks who are seeking ways to spice up their iPad music experience, you now have a new option: Planetary, by Bloom St...

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Old laptops are a geek modder's best friend: this particular example is one of the better mods we've seen to incorporate an old lappie, with a guy called Ben sticking his old machine behind the strings of an electric guitar. He then linked up the sound produced by the guitar to a visualizer in the...

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