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Don't think Sigma's extremely wide dp Quattro cameras are outrageous enough? Don't worry, the company has you covered. The new dp0 Quattro mates a new version of Sigma's high-detail Foveon X3 sensor (billed here as equal to a 39-megapixel conventional sensor) with a fixed 14mm f/4 ultra wide-angle...

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February 10, 2015 at 12:00AM
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After having launched in January, Samsung's WiFi-enabled DV300F camera officially hit the market today, according to a fresh announcement from the Korean manufacturer. As the latest addition to the DualView line, this 16 megapixel shooter features a 25mm wide angle lens with 5x optical zoom, and b...

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The main problem with bog standard wide-angle lenses is their inherent tendency to distort images, this distortion creates obvious problems for remote operators of robots and camera surveillance of large rooms, for instance. A team of South Koreans, however, are claiming to have improved on bulky an...

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