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We're beginning to encounter an odd psychological effect of too much exposure to CTA's wild and wacky game accessories. It's almost as if we've developed some strange variant of Stockholm Syndrome that's tricked us into believing that the Weighted Gloves for Wii are worth twenty bucks. At least the...

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May 26, 2010 at 5:23PM
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While it's not quite the feat that an actual Wiimote-paddled canoe would be (or nearly as silly), this nunchuck-steered contraption is still pretty impressive in its own right, and quite the change in pace from the usual Wiimote-controlled robots. At the heart of the rig is the always-useful Ardui...

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Nyko's already let loose a wireless nunchuck and a cord-free adapter for your standard issue nunchuck, but if those options are a little too subdued for your taste, you may want to consider one of the company's new "limited edition" Kama models, which are also wireless and available in your choice ...

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