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Ohio State's Buckeye Bullet 2 has just set a new battery-powered vehicle record after hitting a speed of 291 mph averaged over two separate runs done back-to-back in opposite directions. Yes, it's technically slower than the two-way land speed record of 300.992 mph the original Bullet set back in...

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August 25, 2010 at 6:42AM
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While researchers in academia have the luxury of playing around with exotic technologies like nano-clusters, shape-shifting lasers, and nanomagnetic vortices, the engineers at Seagate know that they actually have to profit off of their research, so for now they're sticking with traditional magnetic ...

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Gaming Steve's asking the question "What is the bestselling video game of all time?", and better still, he's found some answers. Super Mario Bros. takes the Guinness Book of World Records' accolade, helped in no small part by its bundling with the NES. With innovative title The Sims taking...

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