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Darkmatter's portable open source Xbox 360 project may have hit Kickstarter with bad timing, but it looks to be drawing crowds all the same. The laptop-like console is available in fully finished or kit form for the Xbox 360, thanks to a 3D-printed, laser-cut casing, 15.6-inch 720P widescreen LED ...

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May 23, 2013 at 12:38PM
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So you're hankering for a little Halo on the go but you're not willing to put your skills to the test and build an Xbox 360 laptop yourself? Never fear -- we've got just the sketchy web store for you. For just $550, a one-man shop in Kansas called Portable Gaming Solutions promises to convert your...

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Mod guru Ben Heckendorn, having taken a break to write a how-to for his PS360 pad, has returned like a trained Jedi (oh, wrong day, sorry) to complete the Xbox 360 laptop trilogy. In the final act, Heck puts all the pieces neatly together and fills in all the plot holes with with pretty pictures an...

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