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Ia! Ia! Akylios f'htagn! You may have (read: should have, and if you haven't go do so now) seen our hands-on impressions article covering the new raid coming with RIFT's patch 1.3, Waves of Madness. The instance takes place inside of the abandoned Dwarven city of Hammerknell, where Akylios -- t...

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June 11, 2011 at 2:00PM
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Following last month's RIFT lore detailing the assassin Kira Thanos, today Trion Worlds has given us a new lore piece which outlines the Abyssal Cult. It's a dread cabal that follows the dragon of the plane of water, Akylios, who lies sleeping and dreaming in his prison. Akylios fhtagn! His fol...

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