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Later this month, Cathay Pacific's 747 will fly from San Francisco to Hong Kong for the very last time. It's a story we're hearing from nearly every airline still flying the most recognizable passenger jet in aviation history -- rising fuel costs are prompting carriers to ground their fleets, opti...

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August 15, 2014 at 1:00PM
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Despite the on-again, off-again worries about in-flight calling interfering with an airliner's many navigational gizmos, we have to admit, there's a part of us that really loves to hear a story about what happens when someone actually has the stones to ignore federal law and breaks out the phone. Th...

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We know, it's rather disappointing to check the local forecast on your Melitta MS1MSB or Wii weather channel, only to find the conditions completely not as you expected once you stroll outside, but those guesstimates could be getting a bit of help from weather tracking airplanes. Boeing has filed a ...

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