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Though the PS4 and Xbox One are far from finalized ahead of their retail debut this November, developers have told Edge anonymously that the PS4 is currently in a better state of performance. With launch about two months out, "the hardware isn't locked" yet. These sources claim the PS4 is more c...

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September 13, 2013 at 5:30PM
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Sure, lots of players are building memories and geek tributes in the incredibly popular indie sandbox game Minecraft, but here's something actually functional: a working 16-bit ALU (arithmetic logic unit) designed entirely in the game. The "wires" are made from Redstone, a unit in the game that can...

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If what you really want is a neat cable-less living room, a flat-screen seeming to be suspended on its own and don't want to tear into your walls to connect everything, ALU may have the television stand for you. It's a fake wall plus shelves for your equipment, that will support up to a 47-inch 185...

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