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After almost two years of not-so-closed-beta, Dota 2 has begun the complex process of upgrading its server capacity and slowly transitioning into launch. Heroes of Newerth's developers have been toying with a hilarious new game mode recently in which heroes spawn with a completely random set of a...

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June 24, 2013 at 8:00PM
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Elite: Dangerous is about halfway to its Kickstarter goal with 21 days left, and it's indubitably time for another dev diary! Frontier Developments founder David Braben took to YouTube to talk about the long-term development plan for Elite: Dangerous. The team has a handful of goals for th...

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Scientists may have discovered a new way to combat the global energy crisis -- and they're calling it the "Anaconda" (we'll give you a moment to purge your mind of any J. Lo films). The system works by utilizing the power of the ocean and long, black rubber tubes (hence the name). The rubber "snak...

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