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Sony just posted its yearly results today, and while a ¥40.8 billion ($439 million) loss is never a good thing, it's at least a marked improvement from last year's staggering $1 billion drop into the red, which was the company's first loss in 14 years. LCD TVs and cameras were Sony's big electr...

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May 13, 2010 at 5:27PM
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Here's the good news: Sony's ¥98.9b ($1.03b) loss is slightly less than the $1.1b the company told us it would lose in January. Sadly, all of the other news is bad, starting with the fact that the company just lost a freaking billion dollars, its first loss in 14 years, and it's predicting a s...

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"Loss" is a buzzword in the last couple quarters' worth of earnings reports from virtually every major manufacturer, but Huawei has somehow managed to operate in some bizarro La-La Land seemingly immune from the economic disaster unfolding around it. In 2008, the private Shenzhen-based firm posted a...

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